The taoist technique of Injaculation

What is it ?

Injaculation: a word that is often completely unknown in occident. What a pity! This technique is the most spectacular in terms of male sexual performance.

Injaculation is a technique detailed in the book "the multi-orgasmic man" by Mantak Chia, famous Taoist master. But, if you read the book "how to make love all night" by Barbara Keesling, you'll realize that it talks also about injaculation.



Benefits of Injaculation

1. Have many orgasm during one single sexual intercourse

Orgasm and ejaculation are two different things, often confused because these two things happen "almost" simultaneously. In reality, there are a few fractions of a second between the moments of orgasm and ejaculation. Injaculation makes it possible to distinguish these two phases and physically separate them. It is possible to have the pleasure of orgasm without ejaculating, and that way have multiple orgasms during a single sexual intercourse.

2. Delay more and more ejaculation !

A successful injaculation is not accompanied by the resolution phase : after a injaculation you keep a strong erection, but your level of excitement goes down. Therefore, you can continue until your partner is fully satisfied. In addition, you will notice that after a injaculation your excitement will stay completely stable. This means that you can have strong stimulations without any risk of ejaculation.

3. Have stonger orgasm

You will also realise that the more you delay your ejaculation (having intermediate orgasms), the more the final orgasm will be strong. That allowes you to synchonize your final orgasm with your partner, with perfect timing.

4. Develop self-confidence

Once you know how to injaculate, you will have the most powerful tool to play with your excitement level, and you will be sure never to ejaculate in a moment you didn't want to. This will break completely the vicious circle of the performance anxiety we saw before, by developing your self-confidence.


How to master Injaculation

The picture shows what happens with injaculation, during sexual intercourse. You can practice several injaculations, to make the pleasure last as long as you want.

Once you've mastered the technique of injaculation, you become a much better "sexboy" than most men.

Learning the technique is restricted to TAOCONTROL members. For now, be patient and go to the next page to discover the secret taoist exercise of deer.


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